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  • Mobile Accelerates Growth: Vinted Story

    At the end of 2012, Vinted was a desktop-only product. Today 90% of traffic comes from mobile apps.

    Read the story how Lemon Labs helped to build their mobile product.
  • Hashtag

    Your Twitter & Instagram hashtag tracker in a single interface. account needed, just pick your hashtag and browse through conversations. To help your findings spread, click Share to create mini posters of your chosen messages. We call it #hashtagraphic.

    "Hashtag App kicks things up a notch and supports Instagram hashtags as well"- Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

    "Monitor hash tags while on the go"- Jason Cipriani, CNet

  • Mr. Word

    Hipster favourite word explaining game for iPhone.He's clever, fun, a bit snobby but full of surprises. Meet Mr. Word - must have word explaining game suitable for any age & any weather.
    Go for free packs to get addicted or mix & match for themed parties.
    Let's go!

  • Check

    One stop-shop for your app figures. through numbers and graphs to get the best overview of your app status. Powered byappFigures.

    "Check is as beautiful as it is simple!"- Ariel Michaeli, appFigures Co-Founder

    "The app offers a clear and simple overview of importnat metrics like app downloads, updates, and sales"- Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

  • Coffee Inn

    A hipster-coffee-shop loyalty tracker in the pocket.With a 10 cashback for every coffee you drink & thousands of loyal coffee-cionados, Coffee Inn (a hipster Starbucks of the Baltics) has a very successful loyalty card, Magic Card. But it's a pain to track your balance and give personalised offers. This is where the app comes in.

    Voted as the Best Mobile App of 2012, at LOGIN awards.

  • Akropolis

    A superstore shopping & entertainment guide.We're proud of the Google rivaling indoor mapping solution, all handcrafted in house. As well as a hidden feature - personalized short term deals for app users, Shopmobs.

  • Lunchbox

    Your next lunch locator.One of our first projects has grown into the must-have app & web service for all lunch eaters of Vilnius. As well as a must have tool for small businesses preparing special lunch offers!Learn more on Lunchbox website.

  • TV Guide

    A simple TV programme guide.Unbeatable iOS application for simple TV listings & show descriptions. A download spike comes every Friday.

    are mobile product artisans
    with curiosity, passion and skills

    Tomas Dirvonskas

    CEO / Concept Thinker

    Thinking two steps ahead, never forgetting a tiny detail & always dreaming big. He sees letters in colours!

    Mindaugas Kuprionis

    Tech Lead / System Architect

    Now focusing on Android development, Mindaugas is also a very skillfull system architect. And a cyclist, and marathon runner. And a nerdy reader.

    Marius Kažemėkaitis

    iOS Lead

    With almost 6 years in iOS development & hundreds of products created, he's our iOS master. He would make a soundy copywriter too.

    Monika Katkutė

    Communications Lead

    Chocolate eater with pink glasses. Lover of all things social, word-maker. Helping projects happen.
    (on maternity leave)

    Jonas Lekevičius

    Design Lead

    The man behind almost all our app interfaces (we love them!). Talented developer, amazing designer and a go-to person for UX puzzles. Simply great.

    Justė Žiliūtė


    Our arty, creative, soon-to-be Android design star. The girly side of our design-duo. Bakes fantastic cookies.

    Vytis Šibonis

    iOS Developer

    Curly DJ, traveler, photographer, reader. Oh, and a top-notch iOS developer. Loves a good espresso.

    Balys Valentukevičius

    Android Developer

    Warwick graduate & guitar pro. Advisor on Asian food and all Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Vytautas Šernas

    Product Manager

    We really have nothing to say about him. But he surely could tell you a lot himself.

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